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socks one size for men

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Lightweight socks to minimise sweat and keep your feet fresh.

The cycling socks are simple, solid and stylish. They aren’t just a fashion statement – they’re an essential part of the cyclist’s wardrobe.

MONTON socks are designed for warm weather with classy aesthetic and a superb fit. We use a combination of nylon and elastane for the construction, enable you to ride in properly hot weather without getting excessively sweaty feet. Good compression to stay put over many hours of riding and months of use. It’s a surprisingly durable sock for how thin and soft it feels. It’s designed to be moisture-wicking and cooling with enough comfort to last all day.

Made with lightweight, breathable materials for high tempo rides
Fit system keeps the socks in place and helps them move with your feet
Zonal elastication enhances support
Seamless toes prevent rubbing and enhance comfort


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