Photochromic Cycling Sunglasses Nifo Matte Black

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Photochromic Cycling Sunglasses

Catch people’s eye in the peloton wearing MONTON Semi-rimless sunglasses. With their photochromic properties, the polycarbonate UV-protective lenses will self-adjust their tint depending on light conditions. The half frame design provides clear vision and a wide field of view. The durable TR90 frames have an adjustable nose pad for a firm fit regardless of face shape, which ensures the glasses will stay in place on rough roads.

– Semi-rimless frame increases field of view and ventilation
– Durable, flexible and lightweight TR90 frame
– Arc legs fit the ear contour closely
– Polycarbonate lenses are more flexible than ordinary lenses and less prone to breakage
– Transition photochromic lenses darken to sunglasses tint when exposed to sunlight or UV light and return to a clear state when indoors
– Hard case for storage
– Soft case provided in Monton fashion print; jersey fabric suitable for cleaning the lenses
– Comes with a frame bracket that allows riders with prescription lens requirements to attach their own lenses to the sunglasses


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